Hey there! 

I'm an illustrator and designer from the good ol' Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. My favorite illustrations to make are editorial, educational, promotional, storybook, and infographic. And my favorite environments to design are cozy, magical, rustic, and natural. I work digitally, and draw my most impassioned  inspirations from the great outdoors! My artistic goal is to create work that gives others as close to a feeling of awe as I find hiking around national parks. 

Together with my partner, I co-manage and design an apparel/virtual brand inspired by our love of the wilderness called Camp Mustelid. You can find out more about that at www.campmustelid.com!

Currently located in: Hamilton, Ohio

Education: The School of Visual Arts '19, NYC

Hobbies: Birding, Woodworking ... mainly for building bird houses, Treasure hunting at antique malls, Hiking, Sculpting



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